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Digital Marketing

Training in online marketing services from Alakop can make individuals an ace in this field and enable them to achieve new heights in their career. Our digital marketing program…Know More

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Alakop’s courses on soft skill training services can make an individual develop efficient communication techniques to interact with others in a professional thereat. …Know More

Why choose us

Global Accreditation

All of our courses and training are globally certified. Every participant will be rewarded with a certificate of Excellence after completion of the training. Our Training methodology assures every attendee will be eligible to attain all the industry certifications to become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

Industry Expert trainers

Our professional industry experts deliver the foremost courses in the corporate training sphere. The training would be conducted by distinguished professionals who have significant experience in their own field. They would be guiding and providing knowledge on latest technological advancement which would help us to keep ourselves updated as per company standards.

Job placement assistance

In addition to providing superior interactive classroom training, we will also assist individuals in finding the job of their dream. We arrange soft skill sessions for our trainees which would help them to better understand the concepts. Along with these, we would help them in preparing their resume and making them ready for cracking interviews.

Guaranteed career growth

We guarantee our clients that our courses in professional training services will take their career to new heights and provide them with new opportunities. We look into providing trainees with the knowledge of latest technological advancement and preparing them to take their career path ahead which would, in turn, help them enhance their career graph chart and be ahead of their peers.

Who We Are

Alakop Pvt. Ltd. is a professional Institute focusing on training/education programs, corporate training, and institutional training through both interactive classrooms and online training services on digital data and technology. We specialize in customer-driven corporate training solutions with pre and post-training consultation to fulfill the client need. The core objective is to develop multi-skilled professionals backed by proven and
approved course content and delivering methodology. We are the only company that delivers a foremost service when it comes to management training program providing international certifications to the students along with 100% job placement assistance.

Modes of Training

  • Social interaction – Learn from other participants
  • Build professional network
  • Establish a dialogue
  • Quick problem solving and instant support
  • Focus
  • Adaptability
  • Individual Attention
  • Group interaction which would enhance learning
  • Confidentiality
  • Real, practical and hands-on use of the tools and techniques
  • Quiet, dedicated time out of the office to really focus on your needs
  • Most Flexible
  • Access to content anytime any where
  • Recorded session – Never miss anything
  • 24/7 support and accessibility
  • Long term retention of information
  • Self paced learning
  • Engaging material
  • Interactive
  • Practical and Relevant
  • Track Progress
  • Adaptable to various learning styles
  • Requires very less employee time
  • Easy to update to the recent advancement
  • We are a premium Training company with a pool of experienced and proven trainers.
  • Developing a wide range of learning management solutions for client across all business sector.
  • It helps in gaining insight into the challenges faced by employees due to current skills gaps.
  • Learning would be made easier as the trainer would share knowledge with examples based on current scenarios which would lead to better understanding.
  • A skilled employee is always an asset to the company, helping the organization grow in all spheres like market expansion, product expansion, diversification, acquisition etc.

The trainer would use scenario based questions and simulations, interaction with other learners wherein they can apply the knowledge gained from the session and make a decision in a risk-free non- judgemental environment.

Success Tales

I came to know about Alakop Learning through social media

Despite so many institutes providing Digital Marketing Training, i have visited almost all the institutes in Hyderabad. Comparing each and every institute, i found Alakop Learning the best training provider. Mr. Kiran from Alakop helped me in the complete training process and the other participants are very friendly and the total session was very interactive and fun filled. Best thing happened is, they helped me find a job with their Job placement support.


Jay Paul


I’ve attended classes for a very short period (something called crash course kind ??) cause of lake of time. I really loved the staff and the management; the way they are concerned about every individual. I had a requirement at my company that was beyond my knowledge. Then I’ve joined Alakop and explained my requirement on the campaign management. The trainer provided the guidance according to my requirement unlike the other traditional institute with standard form. Also, I’ve implemented the suggested techniques in my project and got many appreciations from my leads.



They have good skilled professionals whose ideas and methodologies will make a better Big Data Professional.

When i went an met people at Alakop Learning, i had few doubts roaming in my mind that how they can handle me as an employer and make me eligible Data scientist. My goal was to learn Big data and Data Science but as a fresher in the industry, I do not know anything about the subject. After i hd a meeting and analyzed the course curriculum, I felt this is the place where i can learn Big Data. I asked couple of questions where i had completely convinced myself that it is the organisation who can help me.They had addressed my concerns with a clear vision with more focused and targeted sessions. They made brain storm sessions about Big Data.


Kotak Mahindra

I use all of these skills in all aspects of my career and business.

What is really unique about the alakop camp program is it not only teaches you the skills to be an excellent digital marketer but also teaches you the skills to market your business.


Mastan Shaik

Thank you Alakop

I did not even know that there was a way through my confusion of career pathways, until I became a part of Alakop learning. I have grown in professional confidence and strength far beyond the lessons taught in the classroom. Alakop experience and integrity as well as their unparalleled curriculum-driven training have ignited a flame of passion and intention within me.

Shiva Teja

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