Big Data

Big Data

Our Big Data Certification Helps Individuals Achieve Excellence

Alakop provides Big Data training services that can make individuals proficient in this framework. Our Big Data course offers a comprehensive and worthwhile knowledge of Apache Hadoop as well as other technologies involved with it.

What is Big Data?

Data set that is massive and complicated in nature enhancing traditional data processing & software redundancy is termed as Big Data.

Big Data training from Alakop

Individuals will get to learn the following software when they take Alakop’s Big Data certification program:

I. Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop, an open-source software framework is used for managing distributed storage and processing of Big Data.

With these specialised training programs, learn about Common, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), YARN, and MapReduce.

II. Pig

Our Pig training enables you to learn about this high-level scripting data flow language that can create programs to run on Hadoop. You will learn Pig Latin, the language it uses and how to write algorithms that can run with MapReduce.

III. Spark

Alakop’s Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer

course will provide you in-depth knowledge about this open-source cluster-computing framework.

Why learn Big Data from Alakop?

Our Big Data and Hadoop Administrator course attracts numerous students courtesy to the following benefits.

  • Experienced and well-trained faculty members with significant industrial exposure and esteemed qualification.
  • Elaborate and expansive course structure of Data Science Training that incorporates even the minuscule of information to make anyone an expert in this field.
  • Real-world big data applications and how to make an organisation benefit from it.
  • Interactive classroom sessions to help individuals learn more efficiently.
  • Integrated labs and infrastructure, housing all state-of-the-art technologies for in-depth understanding of the big data and hadoop training course.

Join our Big Data Architect program today and earn expertise which you can provide in sectors like ecommerce, telecommunications, insurance, government, banking, social media, and others.

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