Institutional Training

Institutional Training

Optimize Your Career Growth with Our Institutional Training Programs

We, at Alakop, are dedicated to provide individuals with supreme institutional training that can help them perform efficiently in a corporate environment.

Our training program makes sure that all candidates develop required expertise to handle challenging job roles that companies seek for. We will help them bridge the gap between education and industry sectors so that they can easily address every stimulating task.


What to learn in an Institutional Training Program?

Through an Institutional Training, an individual acquires skills that help him/her sustain the professional jargon.

Many a time, experienced individuals who have graduated with an engineering or management degree, lack the skill sets which large corporates look for in an ideal employee. Companies even hire fresher candidates at times and having these professional skills might prove fruitful in getting through competitive interview sessions.

Additionally, with an institutional training, students will not only get to apply in their desired industry, but also stay ahead of other amateur applicants without training.


What to expect from Alakop’s Institutional Training?

At Alakop, our experts will impart all the significant attributes a candidate requires to perform under pressure in the corporate world.

When an individual takes our training, he/she will get to learn the following:

1. Facing Interviews and GDs

When applying for an influential position, applicants need to possess certain capabilities and personality traits while facing the interviewers. Alakop’s experts will teach students not only to perform well in face to face interview, but also to speak out on group discussions.

2. Communication Skills

Effective communication skills can help an individual convey the right message to colleagues or clients verbally, non-verbally, or visually.

3. Presentation Skills

Public speaking is a very important skill which one needs to excel in. Again, presenting in a more digestible format will also ease everyone’s understanding. This is what candidates will learn from Alakop’s presentation learning classes.

They would learn how to create powerful presentations that easily grab attention of their superiors as well as crack a deal.

4. Business Etiquettes

Business etiquettes are a set of activities and actions that employees need to have in a corporate workplace. We guide students on the same.


Why Alakop Excels in Institutional Training?

Alakop offers several advantages that no other institutes deliver to candidates. When enrolling in our institutional program, they will get to experience the following:

  • Latest training methodologies and techniques to help students develop all institutional skills.
  • Experienced industrial experts who provide thorough insight into real-world analogies.
  • Interactive classroom sessions making clearing more effectual and systematic.
  • Detailed and informative study materials specifically catering to this training.
  • In-depth training on various software like PowerPoint, CAD, etc.

Alakop is also a platform for candidates to learn the various aspects of workplace ethics. Hence, enrol yourself in our training program today and take the first step towards a brighter future.

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