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Javascript Training

JavaScript is the world’s most widely written coding language, adding interactivity to billions of websites. It’s one of the primary tools for a front-end web development, alongside HTML and CSS. Having good knowledge of JavaScript is handy for back-end developer too. Alakop Learning is now even starting to be utilized for desktop software, game development and mobile app development.

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Key Features

  • Simple & Object-oriented language
  • Architecture is neutral
  • Platform Independent
  • Secure & Robust

Course Description

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm programming language. Because of its support for many programming styles (object-oriented, imperative, and functional), JavaScript is supported by all major web browsers without the use of plugins, allowing for a standard language coders can count on. In addition to its uses online, Javascrpit’s well-rounded nature allows for implementation in non-web-based environment including games, desktops widgets, and PDF documents. JavaScript can run just about anything on a web browser, giving them the functionality of desktop applications.

Course Importance

  • Validating User’s Input
  • Greater control
  • Platform independent
  • Generating HTML content

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